Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

Lately my eyes have been opened up to hurts and real emotions that people face.
I have prayed a lot lately that God give me a heart for those who are hurting; and to try to see His glory in every interaction I experience daily.  To stop, take a moment, and really pay attention.
Well....sometimes I forget
I forget to see why that person is not so nice,
I forget to see why that person talks badly of others,
I forget to see why that person seems so quiet, and keeps to themselves
The "why" is key...
There are REAL emotions going on behind how a person carries themselves.
I know because I'm human too!
I pray God shows me the why in others;
and thankful that HE reminds me
 this is what makes THEM and ME REAL; which He intended to be completely relational!


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  1. very real, it's hard sometimes in the moment to understand why, hence your thankfulness when find out through God's grace. this was awesome this is where my post is at