Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a Smile

I was exiting the McDonalds drive through with my kiddos when I noticed a Mother with her young children in a mini-van to the left of me; she looked so stressed out, bewildered, tired, frustrated & just plain exhausted.   I know, because I've been that Mom many a time.  To my surprise our eyes met through our car windows; and I felt a smile light up across my face- you know the genuine you can feel the smile-smile>  Well that was mine- God gave it to me at that very moment; and I know He gave it to me just for her.  Because at that moment, through all the emotions that filled her face, she was able to have a feel the smile- smile moment herself!
Isn't it amazing what two strangers can share with just a smile?  Take notice of someone who needs to feel your smile today!

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