Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Identity

If anyone knows how to instill the true meaning of identity; it would be my Mother. Identity is how others identify who we are. Like an I.D. on our drivers license- it is how we are identified. My Mother always instilled in me a true sense of character. The desire to be identified as a follower of Christ, in the character I display. That is the only identity that truly matters; I am so happy that I had a Mother growing up that instilled in me a desire to do what’s right; so that when I do not do what is right, or act out of my natural human desire; I have planted in me another kind of desire, that is to be identified in Christ and not let my human desires control me. This is way different than worrying about what people think of me- that identity is very temporary and stressful; but instead being Identified by Christ; and living my life with eternity in mind; His opinion of me is the ONLY one that matters; because when we let Christ identify who we are we display His Love to the World! I want to share one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever read from Soul Surfers’ Bethany Hamiltons’ newsletter: "I don't want to be lazy, selfish, or half-hearted. I don't want business to get the best of me. I don't want relationships with those around me to wrongly effect my walk with the Lord. I want nothing to do with ungratefulness, and more... I want to be a smile on His face!"- Bethany Hamilton Absolutely Beautiful!!! _______________________________________________________________________

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  1. Very nice, Heather. I, too, had a wonderful mother who taught me to find Christ. So grateful.