Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Packed on Mothers Day!!!

Yes our family is moving again!!! 
This counts as our 9th move since we started our cute little family. I am so happy to say that we aren't moving far; just 5 minutes away. I'm even happier to report that we have been blessed again by awesome landlords; and we wont be moving again for 2 more years- 
Our goal is to purchase our home; for hopefully what will be our 10th, and final move. Long Long story of how everything was orchestrated to find this house; 
if you have been looking to rent a home recently, you would know how hard it has become. 
 But I can tell you this in short "GOD IS GOOD- ALL THE TIME"!!! 
He orchestrated it all- and I am just so overjoyed! 
We did our walk through yesterday; and let me tell you- our new landlords' wife; this sweetheart of a lady knows how to clean!!! She so has blessed me with this; I couldn't stop thanking her for what I know was "VERY" hard work. A ginormous weight was lifted off my shoulders when we walked through the house, knowing amongst kids baseball, Shiannes' astrocamp, work &; end of school year activities - that I only have one house to detail clean; instead of two. If you know me; you know what I mean by deep cleaning- I am nutsy thorough!
I am so blessed that she is too!
The kids took such a cute picture for Grandma Mothers Day gifts... They are growing so fast!
My sweet husband and kids bought me my 1st ever Dutch Oven!!! I have wanted one of these for a long long time. I am itching to use it!
Gotta love breakfast in bed and homemade cards...
I really should stop blogging- and get back to moving!

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