Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Trip! Summer 2012

I just love the beach!  If I could live there I totally would!  The worst part is leaving it after a fun day.  That might also be because packing up with sand all over the place can be a real pain!  But...Still worth it!  Thank you to my good friend Kerry for inviting us and driving us down thereto hang with her kiddos- We had a Blast!!! 
Here's to the 1st trip of many more to come.
This is pretty much what my little athlete does the entire time...

Jimmys 1st time boogy boarding (How do you spell that? lol)

He wants surfing lessons so bad!

My boys with their life-long buddy Michael...

Ya Buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Paddling out- He so got this off the soul surfer movie...
Girls will be girls...
Looks like a paparazzi photo: lol
Girls will also have fun!!! 

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