Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Minute Friday: "Path"

Dear Precious Children,

The path of life will lead you to many places; oh the vastness of the path.
There will be so many to choose from;
I pray that no matter which path you've chosen; or have been placed in
that they all lead to our loving heavenly Father in the end.
I pray that when you fail or fall you will be reminded that God will be right there to pick you up.
He'll embrace you with a love that is unlike any other- and lead you on a path you'll NEVER regret!
Narrow is the path that leads to Christ- He can put you right back on it when you've been wandering this life feeling empty and lost. 
It is never too late!  So live your life in a way that pleases your Father in Heaven, avoid the path the world takes just to fit in, you don't want to fit in- you need to stand out so people will see the love of Jesus in you!
So people will see in the way you live out your life, the way you respond to peer pressure, and your purity,  that their is a Savior out there who loves them too- NO MATTER what path they're on!
I want you to remember this in life;
I just want you to Love Jesus with all your heart!!!
That sums it all up; because if you do EVERYTHING will be okay!
You can never go wrong when you Love Jesus in the midst of it all!!!


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  1. My daily prayer that my children will follow Him!

  2. My daily prayer that my children will follow Him!

  3. this is lovely, thank you for your words. your children are blessed to have you for a mother.


  4. Thank you so much- God surely has blessed me to be able to bless them! This Mama is so grateful for that!