Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Summer Time!!!

Contrary to what my husband might think (because he found this picture)  I do not take as many pictures of myself as you may think.  
This was just a blogging moment; such a blogging moment because it was taken on the last day of school!  
Please note I am not in the passenger seat; I guess when you take pictures of yourself it reverses you- lol! 
This is a Momma ready to tackle anything this Summer ( at least I'll try) ;)  
I promise you I was not driving while I took this; my car was safely placed in park, and I swear I couldn't think of anything else to do while waiting.  I was sooooo excited- and soooooo eager for that school bell to ring.  
There was a peace inside me knowing there would be no more homework, no more projects, no more waiting in this forever carpool lane!!! 
 I was so happy to start our Summer- with nothing exactly planned; but I like it that way! 
 I have the chance to spend more time with my kiddos; and not turn as many friends down for special requests; such as taking pictures for one of my dearest friends, of her precious children.  
As I was looking through these today I felt the urge; that this too- was a blogging moment- and I can't take credit for all of these; because my daughter took a few- Boy oh Boy does she have an eye for photography! 

 They are just too cute for words- LITERALLY!!!

 Here are my children; and my friends' older children- They get along FAMOUSLY!!! They used to be next door neighbors just a month ago.


credit: the following photos were taken by: Shianne 

I told you she was good!  :)

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