Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday Prompt} "What Mama Did..."

What my Mama Did, she may not have ever known, but now is my chance to show her what all her hard work, worry, stress, tears, and unending love did for me.
It may not be the things us Moms intentionally do to connect with our children;
oh... it's so much more than the getting me ready for school, making sure I was eating all my dinner, driving me to my friends house, and making sure to work hard so I would have nice clothes to wear, and all the other necessities in life.
What my Mama taught me were special moments that have imprinted a forever stamp on my heart.
These special memories are what I; because of her, get to treasure for the rest of my life!
They make my heart smile when I speak of them to my husband, my own children, and friends.
What I took from your Mothering Mom...
Is Priceless!

I grew up in the desert, and our family moved within our general area quite a few times, that meant changing schools- it didn't affect me too much- because there was always something I knew in my heart that was constant, that was my Mom.  She was my constant!

She was what Mothers are supposed to be, my safe place.
There were times I knew I did something terribly wrong, that I knew once I went to her she is where I would find my comfort.  Even though she may not have known it.

The way she always forgave me,
and with little words I knew in my heart she knew I could do better,
and she believed in God and kept on praying for me to see it too-
and I do.

Our drives through town to pick up some french fries, a carbonated soda, and park our car in just the right direction to watch the cars drive by Highway 111 as we shared such special conversations. We popped our gum in our travels (but never in public). ;) Just us Girls!

The way she showed me how to properly put sheets on a bed because she once worked at a hotel; and learned how to make a bed just so.
Her bed making skills are phenomenal-
She has shown me, but I still can't do it like her.

The days we cried watching our dog get sick with leukemia together and had to put our sweet Mindy down.
I could break down and cry in her arms, and I always knew she'd be there.
To this day I can call her and lose it with pure exhaustion, I can count on her prayer and loving honesty to get me through. She will never cease to point me in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.
She's never pointed me in any other direction than His,
to this day speaks magnitudes into any trials I face.

I remember watching movies, her back rubs, and her special touch.
I'd watch her hands-  and notice ours were the same-
I couldn't wait to be a grownup because I'd be just like her :) and I am- lol!

We can share stories of what Jesus has done in the smallest of situations and stay up til 3 or 4 in the morning just doing what girls do best... talking. :)

The way she was there with me as I gave birth to my first child as a single mother, the way she comforted me when I told her the news of raising a baby all alone.  She was the first to remind me I wasn't alone.  God would see us through- and He did!
All those fun days spent getting my apartment ready for my sweet little girl, the swollen feet we'd watch with awe while we stood in aisle after aisle shopping.  Followed by countless trips through the Wendys' drive through for Frostys.
All the Mother Daughter sleepovers we'd have so I wouldn't feel so lonely- and the night we jumped out of bed scared to death at her house, because the alarm was set off by a sensor while we were in a deep sleep. The way we laughed soooooo hard realizing how funny we both look when we are scared!

Through life...

I watched her worry, I watched her have faith, and I watched her never give up.

I am so honored to call my Mama "My Best Friend"!


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  1. It's so true! Our mothers end up being such special friends and companions. Such a gift.