Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Summer Time!!! First things First...

First things first I must put that phone away, the joys I miss when constantly looking for texts, scrolling through emails, reading ads, websites- there is just so much to do on a smartphone, it's extremely hard to put it down!  
There literally is a difference in me between the me with "no smartphone", and the me "with smartphone". 
I think it should have been called the stress case phone, because once you have one it will become a crutch to life, a crutch to avoid conversations you are to afraid to face, a constant at the palm of your hand chance to find out anything you need to without patiently thinking whatever it is through.  Constantly reaching for a device to provide everything we need to know, and feeling like you have to CONSTANTLY figure EVERYTHING out.  There is never much quiet in my day with that mentality.  
Yes it can be a fabulous tool- but more often than not it becomes just an extra thing to reach for and distract us from everyday life.
 So this summer with my kiddos I am putting that phone away, unless I absolutely need it as a means of communication in case of an emergency; 
other than that I desire that calm, quiet, & devoted fun with my dear children.  
The kind I felt before the smartphone. 
 The kind I enjoyed before I felt I had to always be looking at something-  
The time when as a Mother, 
I could just be.....

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