Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lunch sack album Instructions} As Promised :)

So this is how to make a cute, quick & Easy handmade gift for someone special- or to keep your own mementos tucked aside for yourself.  Great for crafty kids & Teens too! :) 

1. Begin with 3 Lunch bags (I'm sure you could use more, but this will make 12 pages with 2 openings) 
Lay them Flappy side up in alternating directions as shown:

2.) Fold each sack individual to get a really nice crease (Keep in order though) 

3.) Now Fold them all together- and make another really nice crease

4.) Punch 3 Holes in the binding part of the book.  You can eyeball it (which I did) or you can make yourself little markers for where your holes should go.  Be careful not to go to close to the edge, or too far in 

5.) Cut 5x5 sheets of paper from an assorted paper pack; usually paper packs are themed and all the papers will coordinate well together.  You can even find 5x5 paper square packs in the scrapbook section at your favorite craft store, Target, or even Wal Mart.

6.) Time to glue down your front and back covers closest to the outside edge as possible

 It's completely okay if the paper covers your holes a tad, you'll still be able to get your binder rings through 

7.) Open up your book and start gluing in all your pages (It's much easier to work with and decorate your pages without the binder rings in) I used 1 1/2 inch binder rings, I found these at Staples, you could also use ribbon instead of binder rings.

You will notice flaps in your book- Really fun to place journal cards, and extra photos in.  I liked to tab mine with scraps of ribbon- you can also make tabs out of your coordinating scraps of paper 

I was pleasantly surprised to find these adorable journal memo cards at Walmart Pack of 60 for only .98 cents :) These made the book even easier to assemble.

# 8 
Choose any Ribbons you'd like to use to add some softness to your album, I like using ribbon as page tabs.

# 9
Use your scraps, stickers, stamps- whatever you'd like to create a title and page borders with.  The scalloped edge & stickers were in the $ 5.00 scrapbook paper pack I found- i got to use lots of accents from that book to decorate each individual page with. 

Notice how this page is just decorated with stickers & scraps of paper on the edges 

Don't over think your project and you will be so happy with your results.  I used to plan all my scrapbook pages out to match my photos with- 
This time I dressed my book before accessorizing with photos, and embellishments, it was so much easier that way!
Have Fun!!!

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