Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time to Get Fancy !

These are some of my favorites from Shiannes Spring Masquerade Dance at school ... Such a great group of kids and they had so much fun!  Everything looked so beautiful :)

Getting Ready... (Makeup- Sparkly Smoky Eye) By Mommy Lapierre -Lol

Dark Eyes light Lipstick :) She found a picture off Pinterest and we copied it!!! 

If you have a 14 year old, or ever have
then you certainly know this look! 

Shianne and One of her Best Friends setting up before the dance :) 

Mask Time! 

 OH MY!!! Shianne found the candy jar!

These were the most photogenic group of friends ever!!! 

I told you so...

Blurry - but Shianne & CJ were in charge of cleaning up the candy after the dance- bad idea.

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