Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brendens Birthday... & Happy New Years!

Thought I'd share some pictures that my sister in law Jane took of Brenden. I made some baseball cupcakes (his request); and had a couple friends over to enjoy them with Brenden.

Then yesterday Grandma and Grandpa from Jays side of the family came down with Jane & Scott, Auntie Nicol, Uncle Jef & adorable baby Locin to wish Brenden a Happy Birthday- we had fun and ice cream later in the evening. I failed to take pictures yesterday; a little bummed about that! :( Oh well... next time.
Today... my Mom and Dad ; sister Misty, Mandy & nephew Seth are coming to have tacos & enjoy a baseball field cake my Mom made for Brenden. This has been a fun- family filled week! :) Happy Birthday Brenden!
Happy New Years to everyone!!! I'm ready to make this year a blessed one! ;)

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