Sunday, January 4, 2009

More family togetherness & fun for Brendens Birthday!!!

We have had so much fun with family this past week; Brendens birthday celebration is officially over! ;) My Dad and Mom came down and brought cake. We were so excited that my sister Misty, Mandy and Seth could make it; we had so much fun just talking, laughing & reflecting back on old childhood story's. I love times like those- so much I didn't want anyone to leave- thank you guys I really enjoyed your company. I love you so much! :)
Here is my nephew Seth with the boys... they all took really cute photos

We miss Shianne so much- she comes home today... I am sooooo in the mood to get tons of photos of her; it seems like she's been gone so much during this Christmas break. :(

Love this one... lol

My sister Misty, Mandy and nephew Seth with the boys...

Grandmas yummy cake... Great Job Grandma!!!

Here was our attempt on getting photos of us on the staircase; next time we'll grab a tri-pod or find another location- we couldn't quite get it right- better than nothing :)

Check these cool tents out!!! Misty and Mandy got each of the boys one!!! They are still playing in them; they even slept all night in their tents last night- what a great idea!

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