Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A week of Birthdays and lotts of cake!!! :)

I turned 30 2 days ago; and my oldest daughter turns 9 today!!! Time certainly flies. It seems like just yesterday I was in my early 20's enjoying every moment of being a Mother to a beautiful baby girl. Words cannot describe how special that time in my life was to me. Look at us now; almost 10 years later, me; a little wiser- her; blossoming into a young lady- she's learning about the ups and downs in life- learning about the hurt it causes when people are mean- she's loving like she always has- she has such a sweet spirit and she is so full of life! She's like a butterfly; and one day she will break out of that beautiful cocoon and fly with the wings God is molding her to have. Today is such a special day.
The following are not birthday photos; but they were taken last week when Shiannes' friend Cierra was over- they are full of personality...

Oh and did I mention she is quite the arti'st

Quite an expression from Jimmy... lol

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