Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pattys Day!!!

Hope everyone is having a great time today! My children just happen to be sick today :(
They were so bummed that they missed their class parties. The Leprachaun was supposed to visit their school and they were going to try and catch him- well today the Leprechaun must have known they were bummed because he showed up at our house! :) We found footsteps downstairs; he keeps making messes everywhere - and using our toilets!!! Would you believe that when he uses the bathroom it turns the water green! Lol. My children's spirits are up- and they have been on a mission to catch that Leprechaun!!! I hope they find him; he keeps messing things up!
I wanted to share a class project of Brenden's before he returns to school tomorrow... we were all asked as a family to draw ourselves as Leprechauns - too cute:

Heres Jays:
Heres mine: lol

Heres Shiannes: :)

Heres Brenden's: Thats a guitar and Hailey dog

This is Jimmy (green is no longer his favorite color he says) and those are his muscles: lol

This is Hailey Dog drawn by Shianne: (super cute):

Buddi Cat by Shianne:

I'm real curious to find out what the class is going to make out of these; the teacher said it would be a great keepsake- what a cute idea!

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