Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is your house in order?

I read something really great today by Greg Laurie I had to share...

"As a pastor, I have conducted a lot of funerals and memorial services over the years. I have visited people who were literally on their deathbeds. From what I have witnessed, I can tell you that when your life comes to an end, there are two, maybe three things that will really matter to you. They are:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Friends

First will be your faith, your relationship with God. I have heard more regrets from people who said they wished they had spent more time walking closely with God. They wished they had made more time for spiritual things. At the end of their lives, they have come to recognize the fact that they will stand before God Almighty. How sad it is when people realize they have squandered their lives.
Then comes family. "I wish I had been a better father", people say, or "I wish I had been a better mother." You will not be concerned how much money you made, whether you spent enough time at the office, or whether you had acquired enough possessions. You will have to leave all your accomplishments and wordly goods behind. Sadly, we will spend so much time on that which does not really matter in the end, and in the process, we will neglect that which really does matter.
It is faith, family, and then friends that will be important when our lives draw to a close. These are the things we need to think about while there is still time. The bible says "Set your house in order" (Isa. 38:1) Those were the words of Isaiah the prophet of King Hezekiah when the king was close to death."

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