Friday, January 6, 2012

No Facebook- Week One

Okay this is bad- this is really bad. It has been a week since I decided to stop checking facebook; and I feel like I'm going through withdraws. I can't stop thinking about what posts I'm missing, and what people are up to. It is a realization that shows me I'm doing the right thing.
I am an extremely shy girl; so to hide behind facebook and chat with friends that way; just isn't helping matters at all. I felt with facebook that I had some kind of connection with everyone; and sometimes that connection could hurt or feel awkward when I see them in person.
This is because we as people need so desperately to not lose that one on one interaction with others. God created us that way.
Now there are tons of people who naturally have that ability to connect to people in person; have face to face lunches or brunches with the girls, sit down and have coffee with a friend, or just hang out. It doesn't come so natural to me; therefore facebook can be a dangerous place for someone like me- it gives me more of an excuse to hide away.
Well- that's definitely not gonna happen this year! >Insert SMILE
And Yes- I'm actually EXTREMELY HAPPY about this! I truly feel a person like me can learn a lot from this.

Originally I had decided I would "limit" my facebook usage to hmmmmmm maybe once a week; like a facebook Saturday morning- or something like that. So I deleted my app on my phone, and noticed during the week I was itching for that Saturday to come. See I told you it had become a big problem. Then I thought; "What's gonna happen when Saturday comes?" So I decided I am done done done.
I'm going to spend this time coming out of my comfort zone, getting to know people; not by their faces on facebook- but by who they are outside that computer screen.
After all, I have to admit it's pretty weird talking to someone, being friend requested by someone- and then when you see them; there is that awkward - I know so much about you but don't really know you; or vice versa.
Don't get me wrong; Facebook has been great for connecting with childhood friends; and people I have moved away from; but until I can use it casually for just that- I will not be logging on.
So now I can say "Okay This is Good; this is really really Good"!

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