Sunday, November 18, 2012

Musical Sunday

Artist: JASON GRAY- 

What an awesome song to remind us all to remember who we are to our to God!

I'm going to share this amazing and beautiful comment that was posted on You Tube in response to this song.  No matter what life you have lived, no matter where you've been, what you've tried, or where you are now, God can heal your hardest struggles with sin;
if you'll just run to Him; and trust Him to show you who YOU are to Him!
Like the testimonial comment below.
That my dear; is the only thing that will matter the most; His love is the only Love strong enough to heal your toughest struggle.  I am so thankful that He Loves us so much!  

"It was not easy for you to remind me who I am. Too many years I thought I was gay and I lived in homosexuality. Coming out was good, I was loved. But soon after, for the first time I saw clearly the horrors and darkness of homosexuality. Then I ran to You and you healed me. You took homosexuality away and gave me the new life. Thank You that I belong to You.
Jesus, I know how much you love gays. I pray that they turn to you, like thousands of us, former gays, did, so you can heal them too."
(Written by: Sinsibal under the video comments )

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