Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank You Dad

Thank you Dad.  

I've been thinking about you a lot this Thanksgiving Season; and just how grateful I am for you.

Thank you for always teaching me what silly does for the soul.  For the cute languages we would make on our car rides throughout town.  
 Your sayings; oh how they crack me up! 
 "Dang Squid, Mama Jama, Dad gum Punk" and so on hahahahaha.

Thank you for our countless hours playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo; because of you, to this day that is my favorite game.  It makes me think of you. 
You have always been a kid on the inside-
gotta love you for that; that's one of the many things that makes you so fun.

Your strength I admire with a loss for words.  I have watched you push through trials in your life and strive to become better through them all.
You have taught me to think twice, and not to live my life with regret.
I grew up seeing you go through so much pain; between my middle to high school years you experienced loss; of two of the most important people in your life; your only brothers. 
And just under a year ago the unexpected loss of your Father.
My heart has always ached for you; not ever having a clue how these events must have changed the course of your life dramatically.  
I saw you- 
I still see you sometimes when you ache-
 through all this pain I have a Dad who places so much value on life; more than most people I know.  Because of you our family never parts without saying "I Love You"; you taught me just how important that is.
You've shown me what it is to live life through the hardest of circumstances;
and how to have faith even when it is so hard.

Dad you are the epitome of Rockstar; you are "My Rockstar".  You showed this girl what rock music is; and because of you I agree; the Beatles were the best band EVER!
You love playing the guitar; and are by far Alice Coopers biggest fan!!! 
Do you have any idea how fun it is to talk about my Dad with my friends?  You are by far the coolest!!!
You love sports, street bikes (thank God your still here), cars- and you share your Grandsons love of motocross.

Yep; I've got a Starbucks Dad- I am so so so blessed!!! Your such a coffee shop kinda guy; I just Love It!!!!
Oh don't even get me started on movies; You ARE NETFLIX!- hahahaha.

Bottom line My Dad Rocks; that's all I can say;
and I am so Thankful He is my Dad!

I Love You Daddo!


Your Kiddo

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  1. Love your post about your dad and your thoughts...we should all do this more often. Dad rocks, hope that holds true for every little girl in our hearts.