Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday} "Wonder"

Photo Taken by: My sweet daughter.
Sometimes I wonder if I will know what my hands will peck at on my keyboard for Five Minute Friday.
Sometimes I wonder how blessed I'll be after reading someones' post on Five Minute Friday.
Sometimes I wonder if others feel the way I do;
and am reassured here 
at Five Minute Friday,
that I'm not alone in the many fears life brings my way.
Wonder is a word that brings with it a sense of the unknown.
Sometimes wonder can be scary,
and sometimes absolutely breathtaking.
It is in these moments of wonder 
where I will not cease seeking Gods very best!
I wonder...


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  1. Hi Heather
    Wonder, sometimes scary and sometimes breathtaking.
    Thanks for your post.

  2. Simple and sweet!

    Visiting from 5MF