Monday, December 3, 2012

Bacon! Yes- this Title really is Bacon!

It took ten years for me to figure out that bacon should be a content dwelling in my refrigerator on Satur weekend mornings, just waiting to be fried by groggy me, and my peppy in the morning husband.
You come to a point in your marriage where you take notice with each passing day of your spouse, and set yourself aside.  Only to feel that amazing feeling of knowing that you really know him.
Not just knowing him; but caring more and more about what it feels like to make him happy.
Selflessness is beautiful;
Selflessness sets us free,
and sometimes it takes more than 10 years for our eyes to be opened, as to just how beautiful selflessness can be.  
I pray this very night for more of it.  To experience the beauty in being truly selfless to my husband, children, family, and friends.
That we may all experience again and again
just how much being self- less
sets us free!
Even if it starts with just making sure there is bacon in your refrigerator!

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