Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday: "Older"



As I look back on my childhood, I like so many others couldn't wait to get older. I had images in my mind as a little girl as to what I would look like, what I would be doing.

It's weird seeing those images in my head as I play them back, seeing now what I saw then.

For some strange reason I pictured myself as a short blonde college cheerleader. I also pictured myself as a business woman working in an office. I thought I'd travel New York on a taxi cab in the finest business clothes there are (you know like the movies). I thought that those things would make me important.

I had this desire and if I'm really honest - I still catch myself desiring to be important.

Unlike then, now I know as I get older it doesn't require effort to be important.
If I try to be important with material things I would be missing out on what is so precious. Being Real with My Sweet Husband, My sweet children- and my dear Savior.

What makes me important doesn't require any effort - Just being Me- & that is enough!


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  1. Just stopping by as I linked after you did. Life always turns out to be a little different than we think doesn't it?

  2. I always thought I'd grow to be something entirely different - I was going to love in London, curate the finest art, travel the world.

    But instead I'm a boy-mom, beloved wife, beloved daughter...and you're right. I'm so much more important that I ever imagined I would be!

    So happy to read this today. Stopping by from FMF...

  3. It is wonderful that you have come to a place of realizing how important you are by just being you!

    What a gift!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Looking back on your childhood as your Aunt and sharing all of those wonderful memories with you.... I think you were those things you wished you were! Now you are everything you could have not even imagined and even more! .....As you dressed up for Halloween as a young girl you were a short Blonde Cheerleader!
    Then as you grew up you were a wonderful Business woman working in a office (and you did dress quite nicely)! And you know at time those things did probably make you feel pretty important! Now as you have blossomed into a beautiful young mother and wife, and the daughter of Christ, I feel "This Role" is the most "Important Role" you will ever have to obtain! I'm praying that you are feeling pretty important right about now.... cause believe me that is how God sees you and that is all that matters! Amen! I love you sweetheart and keep being "Just You"! Aunt Heidi

  5. Aunt Heidi- I love you so much! I treasure your sweet words. I feel so blessed to have developed such a beautiful friendship with you these past years. You are my Aunt and one of my bestest friends!

    Love, Heather Feather