Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Realness Journey...

August 5, 2011

What do you want your family to look like in ten years?

My Family in 10 years. Wow this is a lot to think about! I read today on Marybeth Whalens blog that she is a big fan of intentional living. She’s not kidding. These questions really leave no choice but to be intentional.

Who we are now is a stepping stone to what we will become.

I want our family to have been led. Led by our heavenly Father I want us to all be earnestly seeking His will for our lives. I want us to have developed a strong sense of unity- and openness to speak to one another without fear of any of us thinking the other will ever love them less. That we can feel content knowing we traveled this road together and are so proud of the outcome. Realizing we are never complete- but that God continues to work in us and will carry His plans to completion.

I want to know I know my husband and children as best as I ever could- My hearts desire is that their lives be full of joy with the same peace my sweet Jesus gives to me. I want to know they will think twice before stepping into their decisions- and always ask God to show them the way. I want us to all be REAL that we all spent our lives REAL. I began a realness journey just today (read previous post) and the Lord has opened up my heart to just see my family for who they are- helping me to look into their hearts with a genuine –REAL desire; not distracted by the outside world but focused on the goal He has and that I want for my precious family. I pray in 10 years I will never forget it! He is reshaping me into a Mother He calls beautiful- and beautiful where it counts the most.

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