Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday: "Graceful"

She twirls around in an elegant upright posture, leaps high into the air and lands gracefully on her feet.
She has a natural born gift; 
you would think she's been in dance class since the day she could walk; well, she sorta has.  

A dance class all her own.
This pre-teen girl of mine is self-taught, and she is so graceful. I've asked her many times if we could put her in a dance class, and that she would do great!!!  She says, she just loves to dance and wants to keep coming up with her own moves and style, she embraces her uniqueness in a way I only wish I could.  
At such a tender age to realize that you don't have to do everything like a pro to use the gifts God has given you; that creativity is beautiful - and God gives us our own unique ways to fashion our gifts, 
so while we dance, or sing, or whatever it is that we do there is no rulebook or specific way to follow.  We only have to enjoy the gifts Gods given us; and use them, so we can feel the joy, like hers- that spreads across her face when she dances across our living room floor.
She is so peaceful, her moves so beautiful, and her desire to be unique and dance with this God given talent of hers, is such a graceful glimpse into who she is. 


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  1. So sweetly written about your beautiful girl. I enjoyed entering a moment of her gracefulness, beauty touching my day. Lovely!!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and such a sweet comment.

  2. You have like a play on words. When we are like your daughter, reveling in who we are (for her, being a graceful, non-pro dancer), then we are full of grace, because we aren't comparing ourselves to others!

    1. So true! Thank you for a beautiful addition to my thoughts- I love it! :)

  3. Your loving words were like a beautiful dance, as you lead us into this knowledge of the gift your daughter has been given. Then your description of how she gracefully embraces this gift with her own style and flair leaving out the rulebooks to allow God to be the Lead in her dance! I pray that she always will allow God to take the lead in her life! amen Love, Heidi