Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My 9/11 Story...

Wow what a day! More than a decade later from that tragic day of 9/11. I find it to be so weird how when something this tragic occurs- that 11 years later you can remember it like it just happened. This is my 9/11 story...

The feelings and the emotion all come back so vividly. Like so many others I felt like that day was played in slow motion. I vividly remember working at Marshalls District office in Ontario, CA. when my boss came in to work to tell us a plane had struck one of the twin towers in New York that morning. Of course all I could think was this must be some accident - and oh my how sad! I couldn't even grasp at that very moment what kind of damage that would actually cause. I have to be honest I didn't know how to take it and went on with work as usual- until my boss came out of his office; pale as ever with news of a second plane crashing into the towers- and at that very moment - the world as I knew it was one big blur and in slow motion. We were under attack. Nobody knew what would happen next; I couldn't wait to get home to my baby girl; and my grandmother who was her nanny while I went to work.
We all shared this day- even with those we don't even know.
America shared this day in unity. We all remember where we were; and those exact reactions- even a whole decade later. The lives that were tragically lost; Fathers, Mothers, the children on the planes, Sons and daughters.
The ones that stick closest to my mind were 7 of our companies buyers on flight 11, all women; on a business trip headed to LA; some mothers, one engaged, and others just starting their careers.
The world seemed so so small to me that day.
Lives sure change a lot in 11 years- and we remember this day; mainly because some of us are old enough to.
I can't help but think that if we lived when Jesus was crucified; just how much those feelings would be so heavy on our hearts- the cruelty shown to such a beautiful Man - the Son of God. I'm positive that day for His followers and even those who just realized who He really was- their day played in slow motion too. Just wondering what God was going to do next - and remembering His promises while He walked this earth. Not knowing what Gods plan was. Out of this tragic day we see Gods plan revealed in His sacrifice for us; so that we can live for ever and be freed from the grip of sin. That we might be forever grateful and never forget.
Gods Plan was for His Son to affect an entire nation- forever! He Loves us that much! "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will have EVERLASTING LIFE". John 3:16
To me 9/11 is an example and reminder of just that; that through tragedy we remember and are affected forever through those events. To live in unity in Christ and our Country by living a life of love; because "Love covers over a multitude of sins". 1st Peter 4:8
And with this love we can affect an entire nation to live for Jesus Christ- and never forget. I pray for Gods peace to continue to cover the hurts of all those hurting over these past years, that they may find the best shoulder there ever was to lean on. That through all the confusion they are able to give that to God this very night!
One of my all time favorite verses:
John 16:33 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

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  1. Oh sweetheart, you just sent me into those God tears right now. What an awesome reminder this is to all of us as we remember this tragic day of 9-11 just as we remember what we have read about the tragic day of the crucifixion. God is way ahead of us and yes He has told us these things so that we may have peace, even in this crazy world we live in....And He has asked us to take heart cause we do live in a fallen world....but.....We must stand on His promise that He has overcome the world! And all the Praise be to God that He has offered us all a way out! We just need to pray for those who don't know the Lord that they will come to know Him so that they may spent eternity with their loved ones who were taken much too early.We will never forget those who's lives were so turned upside down, and most importantly never stop praying for them! Love you sweetheart!
    Keep inspiring us to take a long hard look at our lives! Heidi