Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stepping through the Opened Door

This week has been one of those get back in the groove kind of weeks.  That's why I haven't written in so long.  I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my family this year- and it has been amazing!!!  Our daughter just went into the 7th grade at a charter school, where she is home schooled 2 days a week; not having any background in home schooling whatsoever made me a little nervous about whether or not we were making the right decision.

Now- three weeks into it; I KNOW we made the right choice.  
God definitely has a way of opening doors and giving me a grand view of His purpose; I just had to make the decision to go through that opened door-and allow Him to guide me through any fears I will have while stepping into it.  It is there that beautiful things happen, it is there where I get to watch Him change me so I can better lead my children.
I have more and more patience each and every day, where before, the thought of staying home and teaching my daughter at home for 2 days - I literally thought I would never be able to do. 

 I didn't think I was the type of Mom who could do it, I didn't think my daughter would listen to me- homework was hard enough!
I thought we would fight a lot; and to my surprise I'm learning more each day how to better communicate with her, so that we don't.
I'm really seeing where she struggles, where there once was frustration- there is now compassion, and a desire to help her- no matter how long it takes. 
This door that God opened for us has rid me of my fear, and is giving me an even bigger window into my daughters heart.  

All in all it's given me much more patience and a desire to understand. 

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