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A Look Back at Last Year} July 2012

Posted:  July 2012

Saying Goodbye to Facebook...

Facebook and the Comparison Game:

Oh I so know why I have such negative feelings about Facebook; it can cause a person to get into the comparison trap; down to what people grew up to be, to how much more fun they seem to be having than me- jealousy is a dangerous, dangerous thing- and facebook can sadly consume us and trap us in the downward spiral of creating a spirit of jealousy.

You know what I mean; say a friend or family members constantly seem to be "Living the Life"!  And, well- you just haven't had the opportunity to do those things.

I found myself caught up in getting the jealousy bug, then expecting my husband and I to be doing the same things they were doing; and when he was clearly not as interested as the friends on facebook were to go to all these fun places-  I became heartbroken!!!

How damaging is that??? 
To place your value of your marriage based on others marriages across a computer screen!
It's just so unfair to our spouse!  
I know because I struggle with that.

That enemy- he knows what he's doing;
but I take heart and confidence that our God is so much bigger than him- and I CAN- THROUGH JESUS overcome all of this!

There is no need to be jealous; no need to compare because He has our journey set out for OUR marriage; and it has nothing to do with other peoples' marriages,
ours is unique,
ours is prayerfully led by Him- and therefore I will stand faithful in what He is showing me "here"!

And it doesn't end there...

The Judgemental Pit:

Facebook can also make me extremely judgmental and I know that is wrong- and SO against what God has taught us!

The judgmental pit; this is where we find a family member, friend, or a child of someone close to us that is clearly headed down a path of destruction; but instead of praying for them, we find ourselves judging them.
I say "we" because it makes me feel comfortable; in reality I mean "me"!  I have done this too many times to count and realize that facebook has become so damaging to my walk with Christ; I have shared things with other family members about others in my family, just based on what I was so shocked by on Facebook -
I know in my heart this is not where God can thrive through me!  Facebook to me is no good.
Anything that separates me from God is not beneficial- this I know.

And for me- I am being led; led by Christ to say goodbye to Facebook for good!!! 

 Yep- I'm closing my account!!!

I will be leaving my account open for one week, to give an opportunity to those to bookmark this blog; it is where I share my journey; the journey of the things God has taught me along the way!  This is where I speak my heart; and this is a place I feel so inspired by the many Christian blogs I read.

So if you'd like to stay in touch- please follow me here on my blog, or email me at heatherlapierre@gmail.com

I realize this may seem extremely drastic to some; but when I know, that I know- THAT I KNOW that HE is leading the way I am bound to follow- because HE has NEVER led me wrong!!!

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