Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday} Cherished

Today was a day that will be cherished.

Down to the breakfast in bed on my 34th birthday,
the brakes being fixed on my car by my hubby, and the wonderful friends that made a point to come to my home and share my birthday with me, by their own choice- on the fly.

I am brought to happy tears at the thought of how true the few friends I have are.

I am not one of many friends, but the ones I have are so dear to my heart.  
There is such realness in it all, and I am feeling cherished by the women God has answered my prayers with.

I cherish every friendship He has placed in my path; the memories of them all have touched my heart
with such amazement.

No matter where life takes me, God has always placed a good friend in my path.

There is nothing that can make me feel more cherished than that.


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