Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday} Dive

It is Friday (well almost).  
I am so excited that Five Minute Friday is back for a New Year!!!  
I love visiting Lisa Jo's sight every week and feeling the freedom that she explains as "writing and not worrying whether it's right or not".  
So much freedom here, so inspiring, and sometimes mind blowing what God can show me in my life in just five short minutes.  
Sometimes it is bland ; as in I'll get more out of it that anyone else;
but I just love that that's okay too!  
You never know when you touch someones heart who is yearning to relate to someone;
even if that means simple.

This weeks Five Minute prompt is: "Dive"

As I ready for bed tonight; sipping my small cup of coffee I click on Lisa Jo's sight to see if the five minute friday prompt is up yet.  I can dive into my busy day tomorrow if I just write for five minutes tonight instead of during my busy tomorrow .
Oh- and my Mom might be happy to see a new post so early in the day, so here I am-
I dive in.

My first thought as I read the word "Dive" today was a little chuckle, wondering if Lisa Jo watched Bethany Hamilton on the celebrity high dive the other night on Fox.  I watched it and find myself increasingly amazed at just how much of a light Bethany Hamilton has been for so many.  My youngest son who is 8; absolutely loves her!  He took a dive right on the couch and glued his little eyes to that TV set.

I plan to do a lot of diving myself this year.

Not actual diving off a diving board- because that would scare me to death; and I have no plans on overcoming that fear anytime soon; or EVER!  All is good!


- a dive into a good book (clean suggestions will be much    appreciated) ;)
- a dive into bettering the marriage God has blessed me with
- a dive into Mothering the three precious children God blessed me with
- a dive into being a good friend
- a dive into an organized house

This New Year- Have at it!  Dive In!


Now it's your turn - click on the five minute Friday logo below to participate, or to just read some beautiful entries based on one word.

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