Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Back at Last Year} March 2012

 Posted in March of 2012:

 Five Minute Friday on Sunday: Empty

The word Empty is such a hollow thought in my mind, the word brings back my past,
if I think on that word I remember that hollow pit in my gutt

to truly know emptiness is to finally see where God has filled the old empty me.
To truly see He allows us to feel such a hollow emotion; without it... I really wouldn't know just how much I need Him.

To see just how much He has filled my life with such beauty,
down to my one of a kind hubby (who still makes me blush),
the laughter in my children,
that twinkle in their eyes,
those special hold me and squeeze me tight hugs,

He has blessed me with all of this, and much- much more!

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