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The Last Look Back Post} Posted December '2012

Posted} December 2012

 What if you don't fit in?

Dr Seuss certainly got this right!  The desire to fit in has sadly caused parents to try everything in their power to help their child fit in.
While fitting in seems to send an idea to someone as inviting, comforting, and an easier way to get through life; it is just another one of the worlds biggest lies.
Why would I want my children to do what everybody else is doing for the sake of their popularity; instead of teaching them how to stand above the rest; and understand the dangers in life.
I don't want my children to be like everyone else, in a way this sometimes makes me the uncool Mom.  In other words I choose not to be afraid to say no to my children if they are asking about certain types of media, video games,movies, or photo sites that I have researched and found to be unsafe.
Since when did parents stop becoming parents?
Since when did parents start saying oh you can do that since everyone else is; I'd hate for you to be left out, I want you to be cool.
The number of parents parenting this way is extremely high; and I just don't get it.
This makes it very hard for us as Moms to help our children discover the benefits of standing out.
While it is harder- it is still worth it- and it is still possible!

I as a parent do not have any desire to be like the other parents just because they make those decisions, likewise I don't want my children to be like every other kid just because their friends are allowed to do certain things that I do not allow them to do.  
I as a parent seek Gods will; I would like them to do the same.  

Gods will is catered to us as we are His unique creation; He has so much in store for us individually that we may miss out on if we are too busy trying to fit in to this world.  We are called to lead others to Christ; and standing out is key.

God calls us to do our research, and be wise in our decisions; and know why we are making them.  Is it based on what others are doing? Or is it based on the safety of my child?  I choose the second.

Many would argue that the more you don't allow your children to do things; the more they'll want to do it.  
Look at Adam and Eve; they were told not to eat from the tree of life ; but it was in their nature to disobey; 
did that make God change His mind about the rule He set in place; so they could fit in the garden better?  So they could feel more comfortable?
Absolutely not!  
He knew the dangers in store for them; and He loved them.

Just as we love our children we need to be looking into the possible dangers of all things they are exposed to.  Especially in this digital time we live in.
Will our children struggle with obedience to the rules?
I'm sure they will,
but it is our job to keep on teaching, and keep on loving.

"Train a child in the way He should go and He wont depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6

I know this verse to be true,
I am living proof!

I grew up very sheltered (I now like to call it very loved).  :)

There were a ton of things I was not allowed to do; and there were many times I rebelled.  
That never changed my parents- the rules were the rules; if I chose to disobey them I had to live out the consequences of my rebellion.  

I was not a teenager who made wise choices; I carried this on to my young adult life- 
I was spiraling downhill for sure.  
I was experiencing the life of fitting in- 
I was doing everything everybody else said was cool; 
and that enticed me for years.  
I didn't even know who I was; because my identity was found in what the world said was fun and free.  
The worst part of it is the world seriously thought this kind of living was standing out and being yourself; 
and I believed the lie, 
I would insist This is who I am; 
but it wasn't.
It was who everyone else was.

Then the time came when God set me free from this bondage, and showed me who I was in Him.  He taught me how to stand out and not be like the rest.  

Even as a Mommy; I don't have to say yes to my kids just because every other parent has said yes to theirs; I instead have an opportunity to stand out, and point out possible dangers to other Mothers who may not see the dangers in the things their children are exposed to, because we all can be blinded by blending in to this world; just because everyone else is doing it.

But God has called us to be so much more!
He has called us to stand out; because only He truly knows our hearts;
and only He can bring out the best qualities in us.

He has created you and me as individuals with unique qualities that He so powerfully brings out in us; to serve a purpose;

to set free the lost, by our example
for Him.

Lets teach our children to stand out; because God knows their hearts better than the world ever will.  They were not created to fit in...
They were created to Stand Out.

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