Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in the Groove

Our family is back in the school groove!  Yes it's only the beginning of August and the temperatures are raging here- but all in all the boys had a FANTASTIC first day back!  Aren't they getting big?

Did you know this is what it's like to have 2 boys?  This was this morning at breakfast; I promise they were just kidding.
 Above is about the time where I was saying "Alright boys that's enough" literally!  First day back at school I wasn't in the mood to see milk flying across our freshly mopped kitchen floor ;)

At this point I didn't mind too terribly  sending them off to school- I'm kidding I made them make this face. These boys of mine are SO FUN!

And of course this is a total photo-op moment; they wont be clean for long!
It must be so cool having a brother or sister so close in age ! 
He's sitting in his seat; and then I realized he looks kinda like my Dad in this picture!
And they are so ready for their school year; on a side note I LOVE all the color in Brendens' teachers' classroom- It makes for a great First Day at school photo!

Stay Tuned in a couple weeks for Shiannes' 1st day of school; I don't know how many pictures I'll be able to take- you know those middle schoolers sometimes.

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