Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The "Fake" Laugh- Part 2

Perhaps? Well He did!!!

You will have to read the previous post to understand what this post is about.  :)

Yesterday  morning I was having a conversation with a friend when I felt my self begin to laugh at something I knew I could use as an opportunity instead- put off the fake- put on my real ; I literally paused in the middle of my laugh and God showed me right then"here's your chance, your not alone, speak wisdom from your heart because you know I am there - because your friend is certainly someone you care about! It wasn't even anything major; it wasn't a "completely" inappropriate thing she said at all-
He started me off by showing me some small bit of wisdom to speak into my dear friends life!!! I am beyond grateful for this little huge piece of my day!!!! Amen!

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