Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday "HERE"...

Here I sit...contemplating relationships.  Seeing the beauty in all of them; and seeing how much I've allowed damaged ones to affect the new.
HERE I see Christ- He tells me they wont all be easy; and reminds me they weren't easy for Him either.
There is a connect-
A knowing- that with Him -ALL things are possible. 
HERE I am reminded again- Let Go and Let God!
I read something today on the site in-courage  that spoke to my heart-
It spoke of a Mother helping our Daughters understand what unconditional love is; when sometimes we ourselves look down on ourselves and find it hard to believe that God has unconditional love for us. 
An example of that was written in the post- It stood out to me ; it read ...
"Honey, I may not always like everything you say or do, but I love you unconditionally.  You're my daughter"
This spoke to my heart because God showed me when I read this...
regarding relationships to fill-in the blank!
Such as : "I may not always like everything you say or do, but I love you unconditionally.  You are my ____________________________"
and so on....
THIS is what relationships are built on - loving one another UNCONDITIONALLY- and THIS is what that means!
This is how our sweet Father in Heaven Loves us!!! If we can embrace that, then we can share this same Love with others.
So HERE I sit...
watching God unfold the beauty in my relationships with others; showing me a whole new light- a fresh way to view them
On this earth- through HIS eyes.


Now it's your turn click here to participate, or just to read some beautiful entries based on one word.


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder to love unconditonally....because that's how we are loved. I needed to hear that!

  2. ... i'm so thankful He's showed us how to love unconditionally.

    now ... to do it!

  3. It seems so simple and so easy and yet sometimes it can be so difficult. You are SO right-- only God can teach us how to do this.

    1. The Right thing unfortunately is never the easiest; but it just proves our need for a Savior- because yes it can be really difficult!

  4. Oh SO true and isn't that awesome?? Hard to believe it is that simple.

  5. Thank you so much for the reminder that with God "we can do all things"and this includes loving other unconditionally as the Father has loved us through all of our ups and downs.
    Thank you so much for being so faithful in opening up your heart to all those who have ears to hear.
    I love you sweetheart. Aunt Heidi