Monday, August 13, 2012

The "Fake" Laugh...

I am tired of the fake laugh.  
The laugh I give when someone says something absolutely inappropriate but in order to make them not feel bad about what they say the "Fake" laugh comes out.  
Why can't I just speak up?  Why can't I just get past feeling silently judgmental; and let God take control.  
I hate hearing things that are so un-Christ like; yet catch myself laughing to not make someone feel judged by me for what is being said! I make it look like it was funny; but in my heart I know it's not.
I am realizing that if I can really focus on the reality that God is in control, not me, and the ultimate judge; perhaps He will give me a lovingly way of speaking His truth into others hearts without fear; 
and to trash that fake laugh.

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