Saturday, August 25, 2012

From One Southern California Girl to One Back East Boy ...

It amazes me how God connects two people together from such a distance.

My husband and I are so happy to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  I grew up in Southern California; Palm Springs area; where you can fry an egg on the asphalt and make a hot dog in a foil boat just by placing it on your patio. VERY HOT! 

He grew up in Rhode Island; where personally I think the accents are very attractive. He could go out and ride motorcycles with friends right by their house, build ramps, take apart bikes and go to Fenway Park; or as they pronounce it "Fenway PAWK"! I've heard him speak about how he built fond memories of being taught how to play baseball by his Grandpa Joe, and yes, shoveled snow to get out of their driveway in the winter time.

We come from two completely different worlds it feels like, and God connected us with such a bond and love for one another that is indescribable and after 10 years of marriage; completely unconditional!  :)

Yes it was love at first sight for us.  Marshalls Department stores is where we worked; and even here- by no means did we work together.  My heart smiles every time I think back on the day we met.

I should back up and say the day I remember meeting him; because a few years before the day I "remembered" meeting him, I did in fact meet him briefly.  I was 19; and my boss told him no way was he allowed to ask me out- lol I didn't even know this was going on!

So a few years after that- It was love at first sight!  At that time he was actually a Loss Prevention District Manager in Northern California being transferred to the Orange County area; I worked as a District Admin. in a COMPLETELY different district in Southern California.  He had to come to our office for a meeting- and we both fell in love immediately; we both knew that this was it and we would soooo be married- but we didn't actually tell eachother we felt this way till months later- and we married a year later!  Our marriage is beautiful, our relationship is beautiful - EVERY SINGLE BIT OF US feels right, it did then and still does.  There is a look we have for each other; that I catch ourselves still sharing to this day- and it makes my heart take flight!!!

This Southern Californian Girl absolutely LOVES her Back East Boy!!!


  1. This is so sweet! When you know, you just know. What a neat story! My husband and I worked at a grocery store together in college. When he bacame an assistant mamger it was "forbidden love". haha! 23 Years later here we still are. what did those corporate people know anyway? :)

    1. :) haha totally agree! I always crack up because he actually called H.R. Before he even asked me out; just to be sure it would be okay- so funny because at the time I had no idea. I love it!