Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Join

Join in the fun! 
Watching my kids playing card games at our kitchen table seems like a monumental 
moment of their growing up.
The giggles, the winning, the defeat, the way they look at me like I am the best 
card shuffler on the planet! Im soooo not; but they think I am- 
therefore I will relish every moment of my mommy stardom!
Growing up I was by far the worst shuffler in my family. 
I remember watching in complete and utter awe at my dad,mom and big sister and 
think " How do they do that!!????". 
Looking back I see a little bit of showing 
off on their part as well- 
so join in the fun , have a kid moment and show off your
childhood learned grown up skills!!!
They love it! 
And so will you. :) 
P.s. Happy Friday

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  1. Oh yeah! Showing off for the kids? I totally do that. =) They make me feel like supermom! And just the other day my 4 year old called me "Re-cooker." I asked him what that meant, and he said, "It means you're a 'real good cook!'" *melting...*

  2. Great one. I love it when my little guy thinks I'm the best at something and can show him how to do it, too. Thoses are great moments. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Playing cards is such fun and I was terrible at the shuffle still am. I have not played in ages makes me want to go have a game asap-happy memories. Just come over from 5 minute Friday. Behind The Smile.

  4. @ Ruth :Re-cooker; that's so cute! @ Amy: Great moments for sure- @ Behind the smile- I love your blog; and I'm still horrible at it too- but I just love how my kids don't think so; lol ;)