Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22} Fear in the Little Moments

It was our first cool day in months; not just cool but chilly with scatters of rain drops come and gone.  The pavement on the street out my window was darkened with the wetness from the partly cloudy sky.  It was also a great day for kids and friends to play outside wearing their sweaters and jeans for the first time since late last spring.

It also seemed to make for a fabulous day for 2 little boys to write love letters to their girlfriends!
I'm dead serious!

Since when did my 8 year old, and his six year old friend have girlfriends?

Their cute little faces came from outside to tell me they were too cold to play outside-
they were asking if they could come in to write letters.
"Oh that's cute" I said as I went to find them some notebook paper.
They clutched their pieces of notebook paper so eagerly and ran downstairs on a mission.
It was so quiet downstairs that I eagerly went to check on them two; just to see what they were doing.
Two boys at a kitchen table were so deep in thought; scratched off wording on their papers- red pens in hand; completely perplexed.

"We're writing a letter to our girlfriends!!!" they said with the biggest most sweetest smiles you ever did see.  "Oh MY!!!" my husband and I said as we looked at each other.
Now we were completely perplexed!

Later; after his friend had went home to have his Mother approve his letter- I went over my sons letter with him.

It was completely and utterly adorable;
however it was also in need of a lot of parental direction;
the last thing I wanted was for some sweet Mommy to get upset with our son-
I know this-
I have a daughter; and I've been on the end of her receiving notes-
and now it was my turn to be on the end of my son giving notes.
Oh how I knew this day would come- Ay Yai Yai

Though, I do have to tell you about the creativity of my sons cute little letter
It was adorable;

It was folded in 3's; with my son's cute penmanship written on it in red ink.

It read:

To: Ally (by the way his friend was writting his letter to a girl named "Callie"- how cute is that!?)

There was a red Bic pen taped carefully to the front cover with an arrow pointing to it saying "Your going to need this".

Melting already?

I was.

Then I opened it up kind of excited and scared about what I'd see inside, because I wasn't prepared to break his heart if any of it needed to be changed,  it didn't help that he was smiling so big as I read it.

It read

"Dear, Ally I wanted to tell you that you keep On Stealing my hat.  Also that is why I think you like me.  Also I think you are really nice too So I think taht you can be my girlfriend. I will ask you one very important qustion"


"Ally will you mary me?? Pick yes or no?"

and in huge letters it says YES or NO

"P.S. if you picked yes than that will change my life forever"

"P.P.S. if you picked no than I will go home crying!"

Oh No- I might just break my boys heart before she can when I have to give him a 3rd grade version of what marriage is- how old you should be, and how her parents wouldn't possibally allow their 8 year old daughter to get married, neither would I let my son get married, and not to mention it's not legal.

Plus I knew I had to have this conversation with my son in a way that would not set the stage for him to hide things from me as he grows older.

I love how open he is to share everything with me; includng this girl at school he likes so much.

Sometimes Fear in these little moments is good.

This fear gets us thinking things through, and praying that the right timing and words will be used in such a tiny situation so as to not make any rash comments.  Rash comments have the ability to make a small situation much bigger than it ever needs to be.

My little boy and I had such an awesome conversation brought about by this letter.

I assured him that his writing was so creative, and one day when he is old enough to ask a young woman a question like that; He will know she loves Jesus with all her heart- so that she can love him with all of hers.

He will have an opportunity to ask permission from her Dad to marry her.

This shocked him- he had no idea this was part of it. We giggled about this for quite some time.

I also got to teach him that one day when he is old enough and finds that special someone; making someone feel guilty is never part of love- and that his worth is found in Jesus Christ; not in whether or not a person says yes to you, that Jesus will change his life forever- and then He will find just the right Jesus Loving Bride for my sons precious soul.

He just looked at me and with so much trust said-  "Okay Mom".

Thank God for being in the little details; that turn into big things, in a good way!

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