Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23} The Dreaded Internet

Today we have I-Phones, I-Pods, I-pads, Kindles with Internet access, the list goes on and on.  

Yes the creativity that goes into all these" I- things" is extremely amazing!
For children; I have to second guess whether or not it is okay for them on several levels.  Or sometimes; even us as adults.

First- notice most these devices begin with "I"; 
I find it funny that all these gadgets create such an element of self absorption everywhere.  People now can stare at a screen for hours, not have any real conversations with people face to face, ignore family members, stare at their phones while out to lunch or dinner with their best friends.  
Why is it so hard to put these things down? 
We are now stressing ourselves out as a nation thinking we must always be checking on something.  Me included.  If you don't agree; spend a day looking around you- you'll see it.  
You might even notice yourself doing it.

What is happening to families because of this?   

There are less conversations in the carpool lane with our older children; because we become too busy checking our messages.  
There are less conversations at home because everyone in the house is looking at some sort of device instead of just being together.  
The average household has more than one computer; usually one for the kids & one for the parents, and sometimes they are placed in kids bedrooms.  

Am I the only one that is scared of the access my children have to the internet?

Even if I set limitations and watch them like Hawks while they are on it- I now have to worry about the guards their friends have regarding this.  These days kids watch You Tube videos at school during their lunch break, at youth group and sometimes just playing outside.

It feels like it consumes us sometimes; and it is sad.  

So how do we avoid this?  "Lord Help Me" is how.

Help me to remember why we were placed here on this earth.

Remind me to get my priorities straight according to your word.

Remind me to impress these priorities on my children.

Show me how I can safeguard them from the things of this world, so the world doesn't wash my children away.  

Teach me how to teach them how to be social in such a "techie" day of age.

I have to share with you that in our household we had our first internet scare over the Summer; our daughter was on You Tube; which we don't allow- but it happened.  
If you don't know, you tube doesn't have restrictions; I take that back- It does- but their restrictions are not the kind us parents can count on.  In a matter of seconds our daughter was looking for a popular song and was exposed to soft porn; and well lets just say because it was considered soft porn there were no restrictions!

This kind of term for pornography these days is just ridiculous; there was absolutely NOTHING in this that is or ever will be appropriate for a 12 year old; not even an adult!
You have to know-
This is accessible to our children when they have internet access on anything.
Even I-Tunes; every song with explicit lyrics is easily accessible to our sweet children.
And we wonder why our kids are growing up so fast, and so desensitized to what is clearly wrong.

I'm sharing this with you to be on your toes, no matter how many locks are put on your computers- you cannot count on them 100%; parents still have to be parents, and know what your kids are watching,
and what your kids friends are watching- we have to talk to them.  

We have to set an example; by stepping away from our own devices; because our children are exposed to so much more than we ever were- there are plenty of discussions to be had because of it.

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