Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 26} Five Minute Friday on Saturday "Voice"

The year my voice was silenced I'll never forget.  It's been a journey for me for years now praying for my voice to return in His timing.  Through the years I've become content knowing it is on hold for His purpose.

God blessed me with a singing voice at a young age; A few times I sang for for my church when I was a young girl.  I will never forget when my Aunt Heidi took me to audition for our worship band when I was in High School.  I was singing for all the wrong reasons and on that stage I felt it; needless to say I was not picked; my voice for singing at church was silenced.  

My life took many turns after that through young adulthood; turns that I fell on my knees one day and knew I needed desperately to seek Gods grace.  He provided.

My relationship with God has grown so much stronger over the years; that I've developed a true sense of what it really means to worship Him.  
I have a desire to worship; God just hasn't showed me what He wants me to do with my voice yet; well actually He has...
He's shown me to sing for Him; 
just Him and I- 
and the beauty in those moments of song whether at home or in my car are enough, 
because He's changing me- 
He makes me see things I never saw before in using my voice for Him only.
Not for fame, not for attention, not for comments, but instead
Becoming Genuine.  
He's the best vocal coach EVER! 

I'm also participating in 31 Days through Nesting Place; as part of the series I'd like to dedicate this one to my children; 

No matter what dreams or desires you have in your life
God is the best coach EVER!  He provided you with gifts, 
He is more than able to show you what to do with them.
He wants you to use these gifts for His will;
He will make your heart content
no matter where your dream takes you.

Now it's your turn click here to participate, or just to read some beautiful entries based on one word.

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  1. So loved your heart on a page today friend. Made me want to hear you sing. :) Blessings!

  2. Thank you Wendy ;) Blessings to you too!