Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 5} Fear of them Growing up too Fast

Just when you think your kids are growing up too fast- they'll ask you for a bedtime song.  They'll tell you that it's been years since they had one- they remembered!  
Your reminded of their innocence; when they'd just nestle into your chest as you sang and rocked them to calm.  
Your reminded it's okay- they'll still need you- and they'll always need you in some way.  Most of all they'll remember you were there.  They'll remember what a bedtime song felt like, what a little chat in your daughters room about the girl drama at school felt like, what telling your son it would be okay; this book may be difficult to read, but I'll help you feels like.
It's all in being a Mom; we are so afraid we wont be needed, but when we look into the little details of their day- or if their all grown up you'll look into the details in that phone conversation, or visit - you'll always find a place for you in their sweet hearts! 
They'll always remember... I do

 31 Days of Fear Free Mothering:
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Day 5- Fear of them Growing up too Fast 
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  1. beautiful! So lovely to meet you from the 31 challenge! I am following along now, as a mummy of 3 under 7, one with special needs, i need any wisdom you can throw my way! looking forward to more of your posts xxx

  2. Thank you so much! :) Welcome Jane to 31 days!!! - It's definitely a challenge- lol
    But one I wouldn't want to miss- definitely gets us thinking :)