Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4 } Planning Ahead

This past week I've been realizing that a lot of my fears come from my disorganization.
Does that make sense?
I'm thinking about it; and on the days I am quick to react to my children out of frustration, are the days I am afraid I wont get done what I know needs to get done-all because of my disorganization.  If I'm honest; most the time it's not them at all.
If the house is falling apart; and not functioning- then I don't function to well- then my family suffers the wrath of irrational, short fused Mama.
God showed me this last week.

Last week I dropped my children off at school; helped in my sons classroom for an hour- came home ready to clean my entire house before they got home- I had really good intentions- then I got distracted.  Seriously distracted.

I sat down at my computer, got on you tube; and listened to all kinds of songs... then I found a bunch of instrumentals of all my favorite songs.  Before I knew it, it was 2:00!!!!  I had been singing for 4 HOURS!!!!  WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?  I got NOTHING done and now I was gonna be forever behind on housework.  
Ohhhh I felt soooo guilty.

So I went to pick up my children from school- started helping them with their homework in a very messy house,  my husband walked in the door; and my heart dropped- I felt horrible that he had to come home to a house in this condition- on account of a very selfish day of mine.  
Now let me explain my husband to you; he's never been the type to be upset about a messy home on a super busy day- he is very understanding, but this day was different.  I couldn't blame him one bit!  
He has never said anything like this before, but this night he said it "Your home all day, and I have to come home to a house like this?"  Ouch!  He was so right.  I couldn't say one word.  I sorta walked around like a Puppy Dog who just got in trouble for having an accident in the house.  Then I thought; how embarrassing I can't actually tell him what I did all day- that's even worse!!!
Now I can quietly laugh at the lesson I learned, because it was valuable!  A lot of times the fear I feel is brought on by none other than myself.  To fix it I must get organized and plan ahead.  

Planning Ahead Ideas:
  • Picking out and Ironing Clothes the night before
  • If I plan to work out; finish before the kids get up
  • Always be ready on school days before the kids
  • Come home and Follow a Good Organized cleaning checklist- I have a great app on my phone that works great for this; it is called Home Routine; it zones your house into sections so you can get deep cleaning and regular cleaning done on a more regular basis
  • If you must sing- sing while you work :)
  • If you must sing to instrumentals on You Tube- sing after your work is over; because being a Stay at Home Mom is definitely a job- and I almost got fired!
I will have you know since that dreaded day last week, my entire house is completely acceptable- kids have clean clothes- dinners on the table- rooms are picked up-and what do you know, my family is happy!  

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  1. oh that's so me!! i get really cranky when i feel overwhelmed...when i an disorganised...this was an eye opener!