Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25} "I Want You to Know what I Didn't Know"

So desperately
I want you to know.
My Mama heart aches for it to sink deep within your precious hearts.
I want you to know what I didn't know.

True acceptance is not found in your friends or your popularity status;
it is found in the acceptance we've had since we were placed on this earth by our Heavenly Father.
Yes People are mean, you will think that is normal, 
and will find yourself either hiding away from the mean people like I did and looking like a complete outcast; or find yourself at some time in your life trying mean out so you can fit in- (Okay I've tried them both)

I pray you will stand out among the mean.

I pray you will make a difference that this world doesn't see much of these days.
This world needs YOU, you don't know that yet; but I want you to know.
God wants you to know.
You are a light in this dark world because He's provided this very light, in your very heart! 
I promise! 
Please don't let that go to waste; this light He's provided is precious!

So shine like the very stars He created; because He's created you to shine like those very stars you see every night in our dark sky.
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