Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 27} Inspirational Writing by Charles Stanley

Providing for your children

The following is out of a book by Charles Stanley "How to Keep your kids on your team" ...

"My Mother has said to me, "I regret that I couldn't give you the things other parents gave to their children." And I have answered her, "Mom you have nothing to regret. You gave me something that is not for sale in any store, has never been manufactured, and cannot be purchased anywhere. You planted within me a love for God, a desire to be obedient, a desire to be willing to stand, regardless of other peoples opinions or attitudes, to do what is right. You taught me to depend upon God for everything. You taught me how to pray. You taught me to trust God as my faithful Father." I would rather have my meager possessions as a child - two pairs of bib overalls, one pair of shoes, a couple of pairs of socks , some underwear , a toothbrush, and a comb combined with what my mom taught me- than all the wealth the world can offer."
It is not how many things you provide for your children. It is what you give them of yourself and the principles of Scripture that can never be taken away. If you are a good provider, you will keep your children on your team and will establish a firm foundation for them as adults."

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